Autonomy Distributors Announces National Taste Tests & Focus Groups for Craft Beer & Spirits Export for First Quarter 2015

Autonomy Distributors Announces National Taste Tests & Focus Groups for

Craft Beer & Spirits Export for First Quarter 2015

Immediate Need for Added Craft Beer and Spirits Brands to fulfill overseas distributor


NYC and Saratoga Springs, NY-For Immediate Release

Tara Lin, spokesperson for Autonomy Distributors US Operations, announced the

immediate need for an added 10 lines of craft beers for a First Quarter, 2015 overseas


Robert Manasier, COO, states: “We are requesting any small to midsized brewers to

send sample packs to our Upstate NY office for a series of taste tests, focus groups and

vetting. Our focus on quality US products and the American Experience overseas has

seen immense interest and we need to expand our lines for immediate presentation to

our distribution points. Our distribution points’ request for added products reinforces our

consistent delivery of quality products and service at all levels.”

Tara Lin adds to the product sampling process: “We will be sharing some of our quality

control and vetting process virally after our tests are complete. We will only showcase

the winners, staying true to our corporate culture of being a positive, empowering partner

organization. Any products that are not accepted into our system will be called or met

directly to discuss ways to engage with us in the future.”

Beer and craft distilled products can be sent to us at: In Focus Brands, c/o Autonomy Dist.

3257 Route 9, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

A product showcase, members-only event is planned for December 16, 2014 at our partner,

Tech Valley Center of Gravity’s location in Troy, NY. More details to follow.

Any questions or information, please contact:

 Robert Manasier at: robertm@infocusbrands.com

 # # #

Autonomy Distributors is a 20 year old distribution service and consultancy with

deep overseas networks, a growing supply chain and logistics operation in the USA

and a turnkey solution to bring small business products to consumers across the

globe. Please connect to Autonomy at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/5094565?



In Focus Brands (www.infocusbrands.com) is a branded consultancy and acceleration

agency that focus on CREATIVELY PRACTICAL brand solutions that realize revenue.

Their unique branded business model approach significantly enhances the potential

opportunities and business development for our clients. Our integrated storylines create real

and relevant brands to the marketplace.


turnkey resource to reinvigorate local and regional business development and economies

which employs a concerted series of programs that builds the uniqueness of an area

then drives business to market. Some of the In Focus Brands’ Accelerator Turnkey

Program Contributors are: Autonomy Distributors, Center of Gravity and Parkhurst Field



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