Tavern Noodle to pop up again Thursday

Well-known Troy business owners Vic Christopher and Heather LaVine used the Sunday's 32nd annual Victorian Stroll as an opportunity to test drive a new business concept: a pop-up noodle shop called Tavern Noodle. Located at 217 Broadway, the newly renovated space was bustling with curious customers Sunday afternoon. The chilly, windy day swept many inside seeking hot soup, and Tavern Noodle was ready to serve.
Seeing happy strollers sipping the new product, “It gives us a lot of pleasure today,” Christopher said. On possibly making Taven Noodle a permanent endeavor, “We’re judging the public street reaction and it may be something that we decide to do long-term,” he said. “We’re open-minded.”
Christopher and LaVine already own Lucas Confectionery on Second Street and The Grocery on Broadway. This was their third year participating in the Stroll as downtown Troy business owners.
Tavern Noodle will open shop again at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 18th, just for the evening. Stop in and check it out!


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