Minissale Bros. products now available on web

Three years since the city helped fund Phil and Ted Minissale in their endeavor to share their Italian recipes with the world, the Troy-based project has reached new heights.

Their new website, www.minissalebros.com, has just been launched so customers across the globe can order their products right online.

More on Minissale Bros.: 

On June 15, 1978, Philip and Agnes Minissale opened their beloved Minissale’s Italian American Restaurant on 14th Street in Troy, NY. But the foundation for this family-oriented business was established decades earlier–the early 1900s, in fact–when their parents traveled to America from their respective towns in Sicily. They came here with a dream; the American Dream that they believed would come true with a hefty dose of hard work and an even heftier dose of family loyalty and tradition.
Today, the Minissale family lives the dream of their hard-working immigrant relatives. Now Minissale’s Wine Cellar and Café, the restaurant is run by Philip and Agnes’ sons, Phil and Ted, and their families. While the name and décor have changed over 36 years, the Minissale’s devotion to family and good food has not. This close-knit family continues to welcome diners to their restaurant for delicious, satisfying meals, based on recipes that have been handed down for generations and created with local and fresh ingredients that reflect the family’s great history–and hint of their future.
And that future, which is already being realized, is one where the Minissale family’s food feeds more than local patrons.
With a line of tomato sauces, salad dressings, and spices that are made with the same commitment to tradition as the dishes prepared in the restaurant, the Minissale family has recently expanded beyond their base in upstate New York. Their all-natural products, which are produced and bottled in their own facility, are available at grocery and specialty stores along the East Coast and online. In some ways, this is just the beginning for the Minissales – while the dream for this family began over a hundred years ago in Sicily, it has grown and flourished in America and will continue to do so across the globe.

For more information visit www.minissalebros.com/our-products.


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