Meme’s Florist comes home


Meme’s Florist, previously located at 116 Maple St., Corinth, is now at 118 Main St. there. The 118 Main St. address was the longtime home of the store until previous owners Scott and Kay Moberg bought the building at 116 Maple St., and moved the business to that location. 

Bobbie Tompkins, Meme’s Florist manager and lead designer, bought the business from the Mobergs in June 2011, and has just purchased 118 Main St. in order to move the shop back to its original Main Street home, sharing a parking lot with Grand Union in the center of town. That move was completed Dec. 2. 

A popular destination for wedding flowers, the larger space will let Meme’s Florist expand its product line, including recent additions Yankee Candles and Harry London Chocolates. The new location also offers more gift selections and a bigger wedding planning space.

As the florist is a longtime member of the Corinth and Saratoga County business community, Meme’s moving back to Main Street will be a small part in helping revitalize downtown Corinth. See memesflorist.com and memesfloristandgifts.com.



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