Bag Days mean savings in downtown Saratoga

Fifteen downtown businesses, members of the Saratoga Springs Downtown Business Association (DBA), are participating in what's becoming a tradition: the DBA Bag Days. The bright red bags, which will be available for pickup from the participating businesses during the Victorian Streetwalk and after until they are gone, work as a coupon for 20 percent off on three dates: December 8, January 19 and February 16. 

The bags are made from recycled material and are reusable not only for this year's sale dates, but next year's. 

Look for the red Bag Day bags in the windows of the following downtown businesses: the Candy Company of Saratoga, Celtic Treasures, the Clothes Horse, the Clothes Line, Compliments to the Chef, Crafters Gallery, Impressions, Lifestyles, the Loft, Mountainman Saratoga Outfitters, Pipits, Reform Pilates, Saratoga Salsa & Spice, Symmetry, and Violet's & Stella's of Saratoga.  

Go to www.saratogadowntown.com for more information.



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