Greenfield Animal Hospital now offers pet grooming

Greenfield Animal Hospital

If you just can’t do a thing with your hound’s hair, Greenfield Animal Hospital can help. In an effort to become an all-inclusive veterinary facility, the hospital has started a grooming service. Andrea Ott, a 2000 graduate of the New York School of Dog Grooming, has relocated from Florida to take on the bathing and brushing.

Besides typical grooming, the facility now offers such unique services as acupuncture done by the veterinarians, spa packages, and organic products. An organic session might include a bath with Epson salts, an oatmeal scrub, organic soap, and grapeseed oil for pets’ winter feet, Ott said. She can also perform facials for the animals.

“I’ve been researching all the possible spa services for pets,” she said.

The latest trend is colored dying: turning your poodle purple, for example. You might rather give him a brilliantly shaded Mohawk. Ott can do that, too.

Competitive costs extend from $25 for a bath to $99 for grooming, with all prices depending on the pet’s size. With 12 years of experience, Ott has groomed dogs ranging from a three-pound toy Yorkshire terrier to a 150-pound Great Bernard. She’s also tended to cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

“I became a pet groomer because I love animals,” Ott said. “Also, this is the happy end of the veterinary business. Dogs feel so good after they are groomed. They just prance around.”



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