Pink Raven art show will benefit Franklin Community Center

Franklin Community Center

This Saturday, Dec. 1, Franklin Community Center, the local human service agency at 10 Franklin Street, will benefit from partnering with Pink Raven Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery. From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Pink Raven will host an open house and art exhibition at its 55 Beekman St. studio, with proceeds going to the center. Liquid libations will be provided by Crush and Cask.

The art in question will be close-up views of the world around us, in the form of eclectic cell phone snapshots and Instagrams taken by people throughout the community. Pink Raven’s owners, Chris DiBiase and Doug Gruse, were hoping for 100 pictures when they put out the call. Instead, they received 200. There are family photos, artistic shots, landscapes, and silly things, Gruse said.

“Each picture in our exhibition has a number, and people can write down the numbers they like and come buy custom 6x6-inch Instagram prints right here,” he said. “The $10 cost per photo will all go to the community center.” 

Should customers want to give something more than the photographs, Pink Raven offers another option. Mention Franklin Community Center when buying a gift card during December, and the studio will give the center 20 percent of the card’s cost. Cards are available in any amount and are good for a year.



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