Wear polar pajamas to the Circus Café

 If you keep your pajamas on before or after riding Saratoga’s Polar Express train, you can go to the Circus Café, and get free homemade cotton candy with your lunch or dinner.

The Polar Express leaves Saratoga for a round trip to its own North Pole. Caroling, hot cocoa, special gifts, and a meeting with Santa are part of the fun. Children are encouraged to wear their pajamas for the trip.

“The Polar Express train ride that leaves from Saratoga has really taken off! We have seen so many children (and parents) come in to Circus Café wearing their pajamas before/after the train ride that we had to join the festivities,” said Christel MacLean, co-owner of the restaurant.

This offer starts now and runs through Sunday, Jan. 6, which is the last day for the Polar Express.

For more information about Circus Café, visit www.circuscafe.com or call 583-1106. For more information about the Polar Express, visit https://www.sncrr.com/



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