Names Bubbles kids’ label firm nominated for second honor

Started in 2009, Name Bubbles of Clifton Park is an award-winning kids’ label company. During its first year in business, the firm won the iParenting Media Gold Award for Outstanding Products. Now Name Bubbles is up for an honor once more: Best School Supply in the 2012 SheKnows Parenting Awards. This award recognizes outstanding products in the pregnancy and parenting industry based on functionality, quality, safety, and convenience. 

Names Bubbles makes water-resistant or waterproof personalized vinyl kids’ labels. Kids’ labels have designs that stand out, according to the company, and these let you quickly recognize your family’s belongings. Parents can put their mark on all favorite items, and the personalized stickers make it easy for possessions to be returned when lost, misplaced, or simply left behind. Labels are dishwasher-safe and laundry-safe.

Click here to vote: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/awards/parenting-awards-2012/category/school.





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I have voted at this link.

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