Cole's Woodwind Shop to move to a more 'in-tune' location

Cole's Woodwind Shop to move after six years on Broadway

SARATOGA SPRINGS — After six years spent overlooking the bustle of Broadway from his second floor perch at 360 Broadway, Bill Cole, owner of Cole’s Woodwind Shop, is packing up and moving out. 

“I think I’ve got some gypsy blood in me,” Cole laughed when asked about the move. 

Cole’s Woodwind Shop will reopen at its new digs located on the ground-level floor of 45 Phila Street, just below Caffè Lena, a musical venue famous for being the nation’s longest running  coffee house. Caffè Lena has traditionally housed a music shop in its first-floor retail space so when Cole heard about the opening, he jumped at the chance to take the next step in combining his passion for business with his love of music.

“When I walked past Caffè Lena and saw that space was available I stopped in my tracks,” Cole said. “I’ve always loved that store and I’ve known some of the previous music store owners and I always thought it would be a great fit for my shop.”

Cole has been busy renovating the space, building new wooden benches to maximize his workspace for building instruments and repairing vintage horns. Although the Phila Street shop is only about 100 square feet larger than his current location, Cole explained that the new place will increase the shop’s utility.

“The space is more usable,” Cole said. “There are fewer windows so more workbenches can be placed against the wall.”

Along with the musical allure of Caffè Lena and the convenience of the new workspace, rent prices also played a factor in the move.

“Rent on Broadway is higher than any place else in the city,” Cole said. “I could probably renegotiate the lease, but everything just seemed to line up for the move.”

Cole’s Broadway lease was ending and the lower rent rates combined with his love of the Caffè Lena location sealed the deal for the move. Cole said he plans to start moving everything this Saturday and hopes to be open by SPAC’s Jazz Festival Weekend on June 25. 

“It’s been very exciting,” Cole added. “Every night when I’m painting the place I get to listen to the music since I’m directly under the stage. It’s really cool and I think it’s going to be a great fit.”




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