Yana Yoga to host open house

Yana Yoga welcomes the public at upcoming open house
MALTA — Nearly eight months after opening, Yana Yoga (formerly Be Strong Yoga) prepares to host its first open house on Saturday June 18 in Malta. After teaching yoga throughout the Ballston Spa and Malta area for over three years, studio owner Amber LaPointe wanted to work out all of the kinks to ensure she could devote her full attention to guests at the upcoming open house. LaPointe noted that she feels confident about her decision to hold off on the opening event for several months. Since opening its doors in October, the studio not only underwent a name change, but also developed its own unique personality and style that separates Yana Yoga from other yoga studios. 

“I wanted to do a grand opening,” LaPointe said. “But it felt silly after I had been open six months and an open house just felt right because it has a come one, come all sort-of feel. Whether you do yoga or don’t do yoga, the open house is for everyone.”

As the sole instructor at Yana Yoga, LaPointe prides herself on developing close relationships with her regular client base – which has doubled since the studio opened last year. 

“I’m not so different than other studios,” LaPointe said of Yana Yoga’s mission. “My niche is that I am the only teacher and it’s more of a personal approach. I like to develop relationships and I like to get to know my customers. I want it to have that sense of home, that sense of community – to be a place where when you walk in it feels comfortable and you can relax feeling like you belong there and are welcome there. That’s the difference.”
To ensure that same reliability and consistency Yana Yoga was built on, LaPointe isn’t currently in the market for a second instructor. But LaPointe isn’t opposed to the idea and added she would consider expanding down the line if the instructor came along. For now, however, LaPointe plans on doing what she does best and showcasing what Yana Yoga is all about at the upcoming open house.

The open house kicks off with one of LaPointe’s energizing yoga classes, each of which lasts for one hour and fifteen minutes. The class will be followed by a free continental brunch from 11:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. for guests to refuel and revitalize before LaPointe conducts a second ‘Beginner Basics’ class from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.  

LaPointe teaches a mixed style of yoga, which she describes as challenging, focused and fun. With her highly individual approach, LaPointe is able to adjust each class based on the needs of her customers and keeps things interesting by regularly mixing up the usual routine. 

Yana Yoga also features an in-house Yoga Gift Shop that sells a variety of yoga clothes and yoga gear along with an array of locally made items include ReKindle Soy Candles, jewelry by Anique, handmade soaps and more. The upcoming open house is free and open to the public.

For more information and a complete class schedule visit: www.yanayoga.net 



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