From Mare to the Metro

The multi-venue at 17 Maple Ave., most recently known as the Mare nightclub and lounge, is changing form yet again as local restaurateur Ron Farber continues his downtown developments.

Since December, the second floor has been the home of 28 Tables restaurant, which Farber opened for dinner and tapas Tuesdays — complete with live entertainment at the baby grand piano and a 2,400-bottle wine alcove.

Farber has now taken over the downstairs portion of the building as well and plans to reinvent the rooms into a trifecta of a business known, once again, as The Metro.

"We’re hoping to bring back a lot of the old musicians and singers that made the Metro great," Farber said on Friday, referring to the gathering spot as it was known pre-2002.

He anticipates a reopening in the next few weeks and a grand opening party on May 7, to kick off Kentucky Derby weekend.

Farber and partner Patrick Maney, of East Greenbush, bought out the operators of Mare, Freddy Sharifipour and Scott Morgan, and formed a new corporation called 17 Maple Ave. LLC. They are now leasing the entire building.

Morgan, the local developer at the helm of Mare, announced similar plans in fall 2009 to reinstate the property to its former glory as "The Metro," but months later, the plans never took hold.

Going forward, Farber said, the lower stories will be known as Under the Tables (the lounge) and The Metro (the dance club and courtyard), topped by 28 Tables (the restaurant). The appeal to a 30-plus crowd has already been established at 28 Tables, Farber says, and he wants to extend that to the nightlife side of the business.

"We’ve made a serious investment to make this place what we want it to be," Farber said. "We’re trying to satisfy an older demographic with different genres of music that are popular with those people. (Mare) was a young dance club; it’s just not what we’re looking to do."

You’ll find information about Farber’s venue on a Facebook page called "Mare Saratoga," which, ironically enough, states in no uncertain terms that "Mare is dead."

Go to www.28tables.com or call the restaurant at 226-0126 for reservations, bookings and hours.


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