Rockabella in new, off-Broadway location

Young ladies looking for frills are used to finding them at Rockabella Boutique on Broadway.

But last week the store relocated to the brick building at 10 Lake Ave., right across from the city police station.

Owner Jackie Szurek opened Rockabella at 441 Broadway four years ago as a one-size-fits-all boutique and has since found that her fancy dress collection is attracting more and more customers in search of the perfect frock to wear to the high school prom or as a bridesmaid in a wedding.

So she’s expanding her line of special-occasion dresses in an effort to continue marketing Rockabella as a “destination shop,” she said.

“It’s just the next step for us,” Szurek said. “I started out as a funky, unique boutique with something for everyone because I was on Broadway. Now I’ve closed in on working with mothers and daughters on prom and special occasions.”

A rainbow collection of brands such as Terani Couture, Sherri Hill, Nicole Bakti, Lazaro and Waters and Waters are on the dress racks or on their way to the new location. Jewelry, some casual women’s clothing and dress shoes are also available just as before.

The store, a former home of local interior designer Brendan Flanigan, has been outfitted with zebra-print rugs, hot pink curtains and other sparkly touches fit for a princess. Szurek opened the doors Feb. 1. She is leasing the space from building owners Dan and Mary Conboy. The off-Broadway location, where rent is less (but exactly how much Szurek would not say), may attract less walk-in traffic, but that’s OK with her — more customers make appointments, she said.

In her stead at 441 Broadway, a new store is in the works. Look for details in an upcoming edition of In the Biz.

For more information about Rockabella, call 581-8386.


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