Acupuncture, and more, for your pets

A veterinarian specializing in both Eastern and Western medicine is opening a new practice in Greenfield Center today.

Dr. Frank Akawi, 49, of Charlton, is the owner of the new Greenfield Animal Hospital. Akawi (shown at right with Dr. Ashley Serfis and Neva, receiving acupuncture) is restoring the 100-year-old building he bought on Route 9N in the town’s center, which has been a landmark of sorts throughout the years as myriad businesses, including the general store, have come and gone.

The hospital will offer surgery, internal medicine, vaccinations, dentistry, ultrasound and laser therapy. What sets it apart is the addition of acupuncture for pets, the use of Chinese herbs and other alternative, holistic services that Akawi says complement Western medicine.

“Western medicine is good for acute conditions, like trauma and infections, but it doesn’t address the actual condition, just the symptoms,” Akawi said, adding that Eastern medicine gets to the bottom of the condition, to what’s causing it.

“When you combine both disciplines, you can have the best of both worlds,” he said. Akawi has 30 years’ experience as a vet and trained in China while working toward a board certification that allows him to perform acupuncture on animals — an achievement few doctors in the region can boast of. Prior to opening the hospital, he owned the Banfield hospital at PetSmart in Wilton and owned two clinics in California.

A staff of 10 will run the Greenfield hospital, where walk-ins are welcome and a wellness clinic will be held each Wednesday afternoon. Pet-owners can get a free exam with any paid service.

For more information, call 893-6228 or find Frank Akawi on Facebook.


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