Mid-week roundup: Eye care and Asian food

South Broadway is beginning to see some new life.

Vacancies left by the closure of the Drive-In Movie Store and the Shanghai Grill last summer are being filled by new businesses.

An optometrist's office called Vaughn Vision Family Eyecare looks to be in the works at 170 South Broadway, the former video rental store. A building permit was issued Oct. 28, 2010, to AWM Company LLC and DeLilli Building Inc. appears to be constructing an office-like space inside.

At 175 South Broadway, the Shanghai-born
Wilfred Sheng, 39, (in the red) is putting an
American-meets-Japanese spin on the restaurant, which local restaurateur Jeff Chen left so he could move to Putnam Street last year. The new restaurant/lounge will be called Duo.

A sample menu Sheng provided me has an interesting mix of sushi rolls and American entrees including filet mignon and shrimp lobster risotto. If that doesn't whet your appetite, the wallpaper alone has intrigue ...

Look for more on Duo in Monday's edition of In the Biz, both in print and online, and stay tuned for more on Vaughn in the coming weeks.

Also on South Broadway, the former GM car dealership at the end of the strip remains empty with a For Lease sign in the lot. I've heard rumblings that the Queensbury Firestone auto care company could be considering an expansion to Spa City in the spot. Stay tuned.


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