A sunny disposition

There’s a new clothing store on Broadway owned by 30-year-old Emily Davis of Colonie.

Yellow Boutique opened Dec. 2, after much anticipation on the part of the owner. Just as some little girls fantasize about their wedding day, a young Davis fixated on opening a boutique business.

Also, the timing was right to leave the corporate world and put her business degree to better use.

“(Shopping) is really a passion of mine and I think people can see that when they come in,” Davis said. “This has always been my dream. I could no longer work in a cubicle.”

A Skaneateles native, Davis says the Spa City was her favorite shopping destination as a teenager. Now, it’s fitting that she wants to cater to customers just like herself — those who like to indulge in a little retail therapy without breaking the bank.

“In college I would come here and walk the strip for shopping, but I also learned to appreciate the money that I had,” she said.

Customers at Yellow Boutique will find many non-branded items — which Davis says is intentional in an effort to keep prices down.

The shelves are filled with yoga attire, $88 jeans, flirty party dresses in the $40 to $55 range and an assortment of high heels that would make any “Sex and the City” fan squeal with pleasure. Shoppers will also find accessories made by local artists, handbags and knitted winter hats and gloves.

“It’s kind of ageless,” Davis said of the merchandise.

Davis chose the store’s 491 Broadway location in Saratoga Springs after considering Lake George, Clifton Park and other Capital Region towns. Months of research, studying the traffic flow and talking with local business owners, as well as her own longstanding affection for downtown, influenced her decision, she said.

Yellow Boutique is located below the Carusone & Carusone law firm and next to Sloppy Kisses.

For more information, call 581-1700 or e-mail shopyellowboutique@yahoo.com.


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