David Britton serving tapas on Caroline Street

Chef David Britton, of the Food Network’s “Dinner Impossible” fame, is partnering with the owners of Johnny Luc’s and Club Shadow at 30 Caroline St. to develop a new food concept at the pub.

Britton is serving up an all-week tapas menu, including lollipop lamb chops, salmon tempura rolls, sliders and other dishes reminiscent of his days at the Springwater Bistro, which closed in May 2009.

A selection of 10 to 15 tapas is served up from 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Monday nights are reserved for a larger array of the sample-sized dishes, priced from $2 to $7.

Also cooking with Britton is Patrick Sheehy, formerly of the Union Grille in the Saratoga Hilton.

The cooking is done in a small kitchen space that adjoins the first-floor pub, where owners Dennis Campochiaro and Johnny Lucarelli ran a burger and pizza takeout joint called The Grille over the summer.

According to manager Dawn Lincoln, the changes don’t stop at the menu. Minor renovations have been done in the second-floor dance club, a cocktail and wine list is under development and new bands are booked for the weekends.

“We’ve been putting time and effort into making the space fun and up-to-date,” Lincoln said. “There’s a lot of cool new faces that are coming in here and creating something that’s fun and unique.”

The restaurant opens at 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and is closed Sundays. For more information, call 858-0477.


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