Pair gets out of restaurants, into diet clinic

From Jan. 2-3 Saratogian:

Two local food-minded people have paired up to parlay their respective backgrounds in business into a weight-loss program that is designed to promote healthy habits around food-shopping, cooking and eating.

For Saratoga Springs’ Jackie Seitz — a longtime local restaurant manager who has left that scene for now — the business, called Weight No More, is a revival of her former role as a dietary specialist. Seitz motivated Saratoga County clients to lose extra pounds in the 1990s after she bought into a business called International Diet Systems and operated five area diet clinics for several years.

Vermont native Kevin Lynch, Seitz’s partner, brings 30 years of experience in restaurant management to his role in the business operation side of things. Lynch is also a walking testimonial for what he’s selling — he recently lost 25 pounds on the program.

The Weight No More promise is that participants will lose 20 pounds in four weeks by eating a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, low-fat diet composed of foods bought in the grocery store, as well as supplements they are expected to purchase separately through Seitz.

She offers one free consultation; then, for a $100 joiner’s fee, participants can sign on to a 22-week program that requires them to undergo a preliminary detox (including no alcohol for two weeks), keep a food diary, drink plenty of water and attend weekly “weigh-in” sessions with Seitz at the storefront office at 45 Park Place, across from Five Points Grocery.

Obviously, physical exercise won’t hurt your chances of success, although it is absent from the strictly dietary regimen.

“We will refer our clients to local businesses like doctors, gyms and salons as a way to incorporate ‘total body enhancement’ into the program,” Seitz said.

The pair plans to host cooking demonstrations and clinics on topics like how to read nutrition labels. They also want to compile a cookbook of recipes from local chefs and clients.

“I really think that there’s a market for that now, just showing people you can eat really good food and it’s not the drudgery that it used to be,” Lynch said.

Not surprisingly, the Weight No More team promotes the buddy system — “It’s a lot easier if you have someone to diet with,” Lynch said.

For more information, call Seitz at 210-6508 or Lynch at 320-2948.


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