32Flavors firm relaunches with new partner, new "Buzz Loft"

The local public relations and marketing firm that’s branded itself as so “not vanilla” is re-launching with a new member and a new meeting space located in Ballston Spa.

Lizzie Sorensen — yes, the same Lizzie Sorensen who’s a mother of three from Malta, and who made waves online and in the national news last February when she tweeted from her hospital bed throughout the birth of her son — has been operating 32Flavors since 2004.

But the publicity guru/Internet-famous mom took a hiatus in recent years from doing business under the 32Flavors name while she figured out how to approach public relations in a fast-changing media landscape, she said.

While print publications race to keep up with changes in the digital world, the evolution has posed a challenge for PR firms, too, said Sorensen, 32.

“The editorial world has changed so much,” she said. “There was a shift, and I was getting a lot more brand-management clients instead of just straight PR.”

She found her tech-savvy counterpart in Robin Morgan, 40, who she met through a mutual local client. Morgan shares the same “working-mom mindset,” which allows the pair to work well together, Sorensen said.

They’ve set up a client meeting space called the Buzz Loft in a refurbished third-floor space at 53 Front St., which they are temporarily leasing along with photographer Ashley Brown. The 1,300-square-foot space is available by appointment only. Consultations on marketing, branding, public relations, social media, Web presence and more cost $75 an hour.

Some current 32Flavors clients are Carpe Diem, Red Wolf, Plum Dandy, Wheatfield’s Restaurant and Genevieve’s Home & Garden.

Children are welcome to tag along to Buzz Loft appointments with their working parents — the space was actually set up with kid-friendly accommodations in mind, Sorensen said. Rubber mats, juice boxes and toys are in high supply; there’s a tricycle; and it’s a mostly wide-open space so there’s nothing that can be broken or tripped over.

“We don’t really need (a brick-and-mortar presence), but it’s nice to meet a client in a private space,” Sorensen said. “We can be on the local level as well as national.”

Contact 32Flavors at 428-0921 (Lizzie Sorensen) or 691-1212 (Robin Morgan). Follow them on Twitter @32FlavorsPR.


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