New restaurant 'The Turf Club Grill' now open at the former Springwater Inn

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Local restaurateur Beverly Reedy and her son Rob teamed up to open the Turf Club Grill, the latest addition to the Saratoga dining scene. The Turf Club opened its doors just three weeks ago at the former location of the Springwater Inn’s bistro at 139 Union Avenue. 

“Rob describes it as ‘casual gourmet’,” Reedy said of the Turf Club’s cuisine. “Everything is made from his or my recipes and everything from the bread to the salad dressings is made in house.”

The handmade Reedy recipes featured on the Turf Club menu will undoubtedly give this new restaurant a competitive edge. Beverly Reedy, formerly the owner of Beverly’s restaurant on Phila Street (now owned by another one of Reedy’s sons), is the face of her own established local food brand. 

Since opening her Phila Street restaurant in 1989, Reedy has published a cookbook and developed Beverly’s Best – a line of specialty condiments. It seems only natural that Reedy’s love for food and passion for cooking was passed to her sons. 

“Rob has been an executive chef on a private island in Belize and opened restaurants in St. Croix so he picked up different flavors along the way” Reedy said of her son and now co-worker Rob Reedy. “I can’t really say the Turf Club menu is traditional American because of Rob’s background it has a lot of other aspects to it.”
The menu features a selection of homemade dishes in the medium price range with the New York strip steak coming in as the most expensive item on the menu at $28. The Turf Club might also be called the ‘Surf and Turf’ club as it boasts a range of fresh seafood, which Reedy explained comes off the boat one day and ends up at their doors either that afternoon or the very next day. 

Another highlight of the latest Reedy venture is the wine list, which was hand selected by the owners and moderately priced. 
 “There are a few more expensive bottles, but the list is not overpriced because we want to see a bottle on every table,” Reedy said with a laugh. 

The menu also includes a ‘lighter side’ selection of salads, burgers and seafood. As of now, the restaurant is only open for dinner and some staple entrees include: a grilled tuna with Yukon gold potatoes, mint crusted lamb chops and a spiced salmon salad on a bed of Arugula with Applewood Smoked Bacon and vine ripened tomatoes. 

“The entire opening happened very fast,” Reedy said. “It’s really exciting. We’ve only been open three weeks, but so far everything has gone very, very well and we’re looking forward to expanding and advertising more in the near future.” 


Blogger Maureen said...

Great locaton/ venue and perfect timing before race season, especially for we foodies! I love Beverly's so no doubt I'll be a patron soon!
Maureen Maloney
Saratogs Springs

Thursday, June 09, 2011 3:32:00 PM 

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