Jack Dillon's building listed for sale

A real estate listing over the weekend on Trinity Realty Group's website listed the site at 3246 South Broadway as an available property.
Jack Dillon's restaurant currently occupies the space, though according to the eatery's website and voice mail message, it is closed for the season.
The real estate listing described a 7,000-square-foot space with a fully furnished restaurant and bar including two dining rooms, banquet space and a wood-fire pizza oven. No price was listed.
The restaurant owners and real estate agent did not immediately return calls for comment. The restaurant's voice mail said they will be closed for about 10 weeks starting on New Year's Day.
Jack Dillon's opened in the summer of 2013 by former chef/owner of Siro's, Tom Dillon.
The restaurant advertises a "farm to fork" menu and lists the farms they patronize on their website, jackdillons.com.


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