Local candy shops joining forces

The well-known candy stores of Saratoga County are making some changes.  

After many years in business, Saratoga Sweets of Halfmoon owner Mike Fitzgerald is stepping back.  Don’t worry though, Saratoga Sweets isn’t moving too far away. The Candy Company of Saratoga Springs and Saratoga Sweets are joining forces to create the new Saratoga Sweets Candy Co


Saratoga Sweets of Halfmoon was owned and operated by the Fitzgerald family for over 26 years and the business is proud that their candy legacy will continue through the new Saratoga Sweets Candy Co.


The 17-year old Candy Co. of Saratoga Springs at 5 Washington St. will be taking over operations. Owner Dawn Oesch is taking out more space in the Rip Van Dam Hotel for a large kitchen but the retail space will remain the same with some cosmetic changes.


“This is a great addition to my store and I am so excited. My landlord, Bruce Levinsky, has created a larger space for us to make more delectable creations and to carry on Saratoga Sweets traditions. As time moves on we will see what space may be needed to expand and we will grow from there.” 

Continuing the Saratoga Sweets family tradition of candy making will be Mike Fitzgerald Jr., son of Saratoga Sweets founders Chris and Mike Fitzgerald. Mike Jr. will join the team at the new Saratoga Sweets Candy Co. as head of the candy kitchen.


“We are hoping for a January 25 launch date to have everything meshed together including wholesale division, website and overhaul of the retail/kitchen space. Just in time for the busy Valentine season. I’m excited and nervous for this adventure but nothing great comes without sacrifice. Life begins out of your comfort zone," Oesch said. 



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