Fur company celebrates 80th anniversary

ALBANY>> Beck Furs, the long time, iconic emporium in Stuyvesant Plaza for fine furs and  accessories in the  Capital region, is celebrating its 80th Anniversary with an opportunity to win a lavish (no purchase necessary) $5000 fur wardrobe.

Beck Furs, which first opened in 1934 on Clinton Avenue in Albany and has been owned and operated for the past 27 years by Jeanne and Earl Carmel, is rewarding its loyal and growing family of customers with a portfolio of the finest fur products.  It includes a designer fur vest, a stylish fur pocketbook, a stunning fur hat and a pair of fur trimmed leather gloves.  The fashionable collection, which has a retail value of $5000 is open to all shoppers by simply registering at the Beck Furs store in Stuyvesant Plaza.  The winner will be announced at the store with a drawing on December 31, 2014 at 1pm.

"We are one of the nation's few fine fur retailers which has managed to flourish during changing and challenging times, said Ms. Jeanne Carmel.  "We are using the occasion of our 80th Anniversary to thank all of our customers and shoppers who are responsible for our success with an opportunity to own an enviable collection of singular fur products".

The store also has a unique lineage of ownership.  The outlet's only manager is JoAnn Wilkinson-Stott, whose family, Thomas and Mildred Beck were the original owners.  JoAnn also managed the store at its original location on Clinton Avenue in Albany.

Beck Furs is the region's exclusive source for the finest mink, fox, beaver, and shearlings, as well as top quality Russian and Canadian lynx, chinchilla and russian sable.  The eclectic collection also includes colorful mink and cashmere.  A full service operation, Beck Furs can remodel, repair, alter, store, clean and glaze all fur garments.

The Carmel family moved the business to Stuyvesant Plaza in 1991.  They have an extensive background in fur ranching and have served on the boards of national fur organizations.  They are recognized as leading industry authorities.

For further information, please call 518-436-6142 or visit Beck Furs at Stuyvesant Plaza.


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