Local artist/architect opens new abstract gallery on Phila Street

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Local artist and architect Victor Cinquino brought a new edge to the Saratoga art scene on July 19, when he opened Cinqui Studio on the second floor of the historic Palmetto Fruit warehouse building at 36 Phila Street.
"Rising Storm" 16x20

“Deep down I’ve been a modernist for a very long time,” Cinquino said.

A practicing architect for the past 42 years, Cinquino learned the potential of digital software in design early and as technologies grew, he realized a passion for abstract art outside the rigid lines and mathematics of traditional architecture.

“I’ve had a desire to do and offer this kind of abstract art — we have a lot of very accomplished artists here in Saratoga Springs, but it tends to be very traditional stuff — Victoriana, horses,” Cinquino said. “It was really an opportunity to offer something different and really get into the abstract world.”

Cinquino, originally from Schenectady, moved to Saratoga in 1975 to pursue architecture. After over 30 years of operating his own firm, Cinquino is now the sole employee in the process of transitioning out of the architecture world to pursue his up and coming artwork.

"Blossomer Moon" 16x20

Recently, one of Cinquino’s prints received an honorable mention for the July 2011 “Contest of the Month” at the Museum of Computer Art in Brooklyn.

The work featured at Cinqui Studio is produced digitally and made into high quality prints using a Giclee printing process to emphasize the colors and quality of each piece. He offers mostly 16 by 20 inch digital prints, which run for around $280 framed and $200 unframed.

“I’m hoping to offer Saratoga an alternative by offering true abstract modern work,” Cinquino said. “I’m in a very new place here that some of the art community is having a hard time grasping their head around — the idea that it’s all done digitally and there are no ‘originals’ in that sense.”
Since opening on Phila Street in mid-July, Cinquino said he’s still working on establishing Cinqui Studio as a prominent local art gallery, but that word of mouth is steadily building his business.

“Most of the clientele has been people looking to decorate their homes,” he said. “As an architect I’ve had some connectivity with interior designers and am looking into going corporate in the future.”

Corporate meaning he would partner with local interior designers who would recommend Cinquino’s pieces as décor for the right clients and homes.
"Collide-O-Scope" 20x20

The boutique gallery will also feature guest artists who work in mediums like photography, pottery and jewelry making to make special appearances at Cinqui Studio. The gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon until 5 p.m., and Tuesday through Sunday from 6 to 8 p.m. through Labor Day. For more information visit www.CinquiStudio.com.


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You shouldn't have quit your day job.

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