New life coaching center celebrates opening on Broadway today; Keller Williams welcomed to 38 High Rock

New self help business celebrates grand opening tonight on Broadway
SARATOGA SPRINGS — This evening, the Life Stylized Success Center celebrates its grand opening from 5 to 10 p.m. at their location at 444 Broadway, just above Wheatfield's restaurant in suite 302. 
The life coaching center offers a variety of classes, programs and events to help both individuals and businesses empower themselves and succeed in their personal lives and the workplace.

Life Stylized Success Center was the brainchild of Oswego native Sierra Sullivan, who recently returned to Saratoga Springs with husband Ron Smith from their previous home in Los Angeles, Calif. 
Sullivan and Smith teamed up with Saratoga native Karen Carey and her husband Kevin Carey to form the partners behind Life Stylized Success Center.
Smith hails from a longtime background in the Calif.wellness coaching business and along with Sullivan's publishing background for Ray Magazine, a west coast lifestyle publication, the couple hopes to bring a new energy to Saratoga's self help community.
Sullivan was also an active member in creating the first Saratoga Women’s Fest in March 2011.
Karen Carey has also spent years in the life coaching and wellness business and in a statement said she was excited to bring west coast and east coast wellness together here in Saratoga Springs.
Tonight's event features drinks, appetizers and provides guests the opportunity to learn more about Life Stylized Success Center's various programs and opportunities.
For more information, visit www.lifestylized.com or call Sierra Sullivan at (323) 788-5853

Keller Williams now open at 38 High Rock

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Earlier this week, Keller Williams realty celebrated its new location at the 38 High Rock Condominium complex in Saratoga Springs.
Before the move, Keller Williams operated from an office just off Route 50 at 3 Maple Dell Drive. The new office space is twice the size as the previous and will occupy 2,730 square feet of space. The 38 High Rock offices will initially house 75 real estate agents serving Saratoga County and beyond and the company plans to take 25 more staff members on board by the end of the year.
Mike Hoffman, principal of Turf Hotels, which owns the neighboring Hampton Inn and Suites hotel, welcomed Keller Williams at a special housewarming ceremony as 38 High Rock's newest retail partner and commended Keller Williams Operating Principal Janet Besheer for the expansion, which will help the company cater to more real estate clients especially during track season.

Besheer and the local Keller Williams company planned to expand, but were waiting for the perfect space. When she saw the opportunity at 38 High Rock, Besheer jumped at the opportunity. 

Keller Williams, located on the ground floor, joins Jacob and Anthony's restaurant as the second retail partner in the 38 High Rock condominium, retail and hotel complex. 

The new offices also feature an advanced training room with high-tech art audio and visual equipment that will aid the company as it develops new commercial and luxury home divisions.  

For more information visit www.kw.com/kw.


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