Bettie's Cakes responds...

The cupcake battle heats up on Twitter

In response to my post on Saturday about Johnny's Gourmet Italian Ice joining with the Cupcake Lab, Bettie had this to tweet:

bettiescakes Jun 18, 6:42pm via Twitter: @SaratogianNews @suzannaklourie hmmm seems like we started another trend....

"bettiescakes Jun 18, 6:45pm via Twitter: @SaratogianNews we have been offering cupcake ice cream for about 4 months already if you'd like to try creative & unique deliciousness"

The jury is still out folks - Who has the best cupcakes, ice cream and cupcake flavored ice cream in town? Tell me (and Bettie) your thoughts on Twitter @suzannaklourie and @SaratogianNews.



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