The Bread Basket Bakery teams up with Battenkill Creamery and adds home delivery of bread to the dairy farm offerings

Saratoga Springs – When you think of the staples all households need you usually think of bread, milk, cheese and butter. It’s not unusual for people to go shopping and buy these items every time they go to the store, especially when its a family of 4 or more. Battenkill Creamery has been delivering their products directly to Saratoga county homes since 2010 and the only thing they have been missing is the bread category. That is where The Bread Basket Bakery fits into their equation.

“It only makes sense for us to team up with Battenkill Creamery. The quality of their product exceeds their
competitors and we believe our breads exceed the standards of any bakery in Saratoga county. We use as
few ingredients as needed to produce our product. Most of our breads have less than 8 ingredients.”
Matthew Tallman states, partner at The Bread Basket Bakery.

“Ever have the Battenkill Creamery Ice Cream or Chocolate Milk?” Matthew asks. “Try it once. Everything
else is second best. And Battenkill Creamery also delivers their amazing ice cream, milk, juice, eggs, butter,
crackers, cheese, peanut butter, pickles and more.”

You can see their entire list of products and prices at: www.battenkillcreamery.com/order/productlist.php
The Bread Basket has also expanded in many ways since their inception on 1990. The bakery served up
mostly breads, cakes, and desserts for their first 14 years. Following that they began serving lunch daily
and it didn’t take long to add breakfast sandwiches and an expanded lunch menu with soups, salads, quiche
and chicken pot pie. But if you didn’t know where they were located or never visited Saratoga, you could not
get The Bread Basket products. Now, with the home delivery option every Wednesday, you can order your
bread and have it delivered to your door.

The Bread Basket Bakery now owns and operates two different locations. Their flagship store is located at
65 Spring Street in Saratoga Springs and their newest location is just a few blocks away at the Saratoga
Springs Public Library. Both locations are open 7 days a week and serve up their delicious pastry, coffee,
and sandwiches with their main location offering a much larger dessert selection and hot sandwiches.


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