Saratoga Springs Horse Show : Third week is being well received by the competitors; Horse Show to recognize a local couple for their benevolence in the community.

March 1, 2015 Saratoga Springs, New York – The Capital Fund of Saratoga County, Inc. operators of the Saratoga Springs Horse Show, announced last month that this year’s horse show will add a third week of competition to its calendar.  “To date, feedback from many of our exhibitors/competitors has been very positive.  I have received calls from as far away as Harrisburg, PA inquiring about our third week from groups that have never participated at our shows in the past, but are looking forward to traveling to Saratoga for our new third week”, say Tom Fueston, Show President.  “Others are sharing their joy at being able to spend more time in Saratoga, one of their favorite stops on their equestrian circuit.”
The new third week’s showcase event is the $15,000 Open Jumper Classic.  This event is scheduled on Saturday May 12, 2015 and is being named the “Sullivan Cup” to recognize a local couple for their benevolence to many of the not profit groups in the Saratoga area.  That couple is Steve and Yvonne Sullivan of the Olde Bryan Inn and Longfellow’s Hotel, Restaurant and Conference Center.  The Sullivan’s over the past 30+ years have been giving back and helping those in need.  Whether helping the local soup kitchens, advocating affordable housing, supporting family help and support groups, supporting camps for  children with life-threatening diseases, extending their hands to families facing terminal illness by inviting them to dine at the Olde Bryan Inn, providing numerous fund raisers and recognition dinners for local not-for-profits functions, supporting the local hospital, (the list goes on and on) they reach out because they believe “for those who have, more is expected”.  They even worked at this horse show for many years and still support it today.  They work tirelessly to support their business and their giving.  Steve and Yvonne are truly remarkable people. It is for all these reasons and on the behalf of all those they have helped, we have established the “Sullivan Cup” in recognition of their most heartfelt kindness and unending generosity to the Saratoga community and all those that live nearby.  Thank You Steve and Yvonne.
The accompanying citation reads:

In recognition of your most heartfelt kindness and unending generosity to the Saratoga community, the Capital Fund of Saratoga County, Inc. has established the “Sullivan Cup” an equestrian award given during the Saratoga Springs Horse Show in your honor.  Your humbleness and demure nature associated with your giving, reflects your belief that “You can’t just take from the community; you have to give back too!”  Your endless giving to the many not-for–profits in and around Saratoga covers a wide spectrum of causes focused on helping people in need.  It is this focus on helping people in need that sets the model for others to aspire and is the guiding light for the Capital Fund of Saratoga County, Inc.

Come to the show on May 16 and help thank Steve and Yvonne for all their kindness.

This year we are also planning some peripheral activities such as a day of wine tasting representing several of the local wineries.  There will also be vendors providing merchandise of both equestrian and non-equestrian styles, and of course food and refreshments prepared fresh daily on the show grounds by our food service professionals and volunteers.  Daily admission is $4.00 per person 12 and older.  Competition starts on Wednesday and goes through Sundayeach week with the competition starting on April 29th and running through May 17th.  Warm up and first competitions usually begin between 7:30 and 8:00 each morning.  Most competitions are over by 5:00 PM.  This year we will also celebrate the Kentucky Derby, Mother’s Day, and the Preakness following the show on their respective Saturdays.  We hope the community will come and join us for three weeks of top notch equestrian competition, and help us help others in need.
The Capital Fund of Saratoga County, Inc. was formed in late 2011 as a 501(c)3 charity to operate the Saratoga Springs Horse Show and later the Saratoga Horse Expo and through its efforts to date have provided over $158,000 in assistance to local charities (over $66,000 to local charities in 2014).  Our charities include over 25 food banks, Saratoga Center for Family, Shelters of Saratoga, EOC Soup Kitchen, Rebuilding Together Saratoga, local hospice groups, Saratoga County Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center, Franklin Community Center, B.E.S.T, Community Outreach programs, Veteran support programs, and several others. “Our motto ‘helping others help others’ is what we are all about”, says Fueston.  “We hope that as more individuals, businesses and organizations realize what we are doing for our community, they will step up and support the Capital Fund and through our combined efforts we can expand these contributions.”


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