eSkill and Chequed.com Partner on Complete Candidate Assessment Technology to Help Companies Make Better Hiring Decisions

Collaboration provides one-stop-shop for employers to gather data, decrease time-to-hire, and build a better workforce
North Chelmsford, MA and Saratoga Springs, NY – eSkill, the market leader in online skills testing, and Chequed.comthe leading provider of cloud-based Predictive Talent Selection™ technology, today announced a partnership that will provide employers with additional information – and greater predictability – to assist them in evaluating job candidates and making better hiring decisions.
With expertise in hard skills testing, eSkill is an ideal addition to Chequed.com’s proven predictive employee selection technology, which helps employers determine if job candidates have both the core competencies and the corporate culture fit that are essential for job success.
By integrating eSkill’s job simulation tests into the Chequed.com platform, employers can access a single point of data collection on which to base hiring decisions. Through the partnership, which brings together two SaaS-based providers of predictive testing who are leaders in their respective areas, Chequed.com will be able to sell eSkill’s job and skill-simulation tests to both existing and new customers.
“The collaboration between eSkill and Chequed.com creates a powerful single platform to assess a broad range of candidate abilities, in a way that produces standard, actionable data,” said Eric Friedman, Chairman and CEO of eSkill. “Together, we can help companies hire more accurately while decreasing time-to-hire, which is critical in hiring better staff ahead of your competitors.”
“This partnership brings together two companies for which the importance of using data in the hiring process is part of our DNA,” said Greg Moran, President and CEO of Chequed.com. “The addition of eSkill’s technology allows Chequed.com to offer the most robust suite of talent selection tools available. More importantly, it gives employers access to a one-stop-shop for information about a candidate that is critical as they build a workforce to increase corporate efficiency and performance.”
By using both Chequed.com behavioral assessments and eSkill tests during the hiring process, organizations can quickly and accurately scope out a candidate’s potential before the intensive and time-consuming steps of interviewing and background checking. Significant benefits include more productive employees, quicker time-to-hire, and reduced liability when quantitative data is used to support hiring decisions.
About eSkill Corporation
Since 2003, eSkill has been an expert provider of effective online skills testing for applicant screening and staff training to thousands of companies globally, including Zappos, GE, Randstad, LG, and many others.
eSkill lets clients easily select or customize job-based tests from over 5,000 modular subjects and subtopics across a wide range of disciplines such as IT, Programming, Office Software, Accounting, Healthcare, Legal, Call Center, Retail, and more.  eSkill's leading-edge job simulations recreate software programs and work environments to assess how well candidates perform actual job tasks.
About Chequed.com, Inc.
Chequed.com has one goal: No Bad Hires. Ever. From pre-employment testing and scorable interview guides to online reference-checking and passive talent sourcing, Chequed.com’s cloud-based Predictive Talent Selection™ platform is used by some of the world’s leading brands including SUBWAY® Restaurants, The Walt Disney Company, Hallmark, Aspen Dental and many others. Visit Chequed.com for more information, Start a Free Trial or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


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