Center for Economic Growth and the Greater Capital Region Workforce Development Boards Launch First Video in STEM Careers Series

Albany, NY, January 16, 2015 –The Center for Economic Growth (CEG) in collaboration with the Greater Capital Region Workforce Investment Boards (GCR WIBs), in partnership with Tech Valley Connections for Education and Jobs, a joint initiative of CEG and GLOBALFOUNDRIES, introduced the first in a series of videos highlighting local companies that offer exciting STEM careers for qualified local employees.

The Tech Valley Connection for Education and Jobs is a 13-county regional laboratory for trailing the most innovative practices in education and workforce development.  Led by GLOBALFOUNDRIES and the Center for Economic Growth, the initiative is a pioneering model for transforming our k-12 and higher education systems to prepare students and future employees for success, improve education outcomes for disadvantaged groups and ensure a competitive U.S. workforce in the 21st century technology- and knowledge -based economy. 

In 2012 the Greater Capital Region Workforce Investment Boards (GCR WIBs) received a three-year grant from U.S. Department of Labor's Workforce Innovation Fund to address the STEM middle skills gap in the Greater Capital Region by supporting development of a talent pipeline that ensures that adults, dislocated workers, and disadvantaged youth have information and training for STEM careers and access to quality jobs and that employers have access to a skilled workforce needed for their companies' success and economic growth.

“Addressing the STEM skill shortage in the Greater Capital Region of New York State will ensure that employers have access to qualified workers by establishing a new pipeline of STEM talent that links the workforce system, employers, educators, and emerging and returning workers,” said Gail Breen, Executive Director Fulton, Montgomery and Schoharie Counties Workforce Development Board, Inc. “Implicit in this goal is the realization that success for all is built on a foundation of career pathways and life-long learning. “

This 13-county joint initiative helps facilitate, coordinate, and communicate best practices between K-12 and higher education institutions in this region and create pathways for employees in local STEM careers.  The video series features local companies that highlight potential employers in the region and allow students and educators an inside view as what local STEM jobs and careers look like. 

Mike Russo, GLOBALFOUNDRIES lead in the initiative, said: "the focus of this project has been to develop a cost effective way to efficiently connect students and job seekers with careers through a "virtual tour" experience. This approach can be scaled and made available to businesses anywhere and helps to connect classrooms and the general public to businesses, creating a better understanding of career opportunities."

The first video in this series features Adirondack Studios, a manufacturer located in Argyle, New York.  It can be viewed at http://www.techvalleyed.org, the website of the Tech Valley Connection for Education & Jobs, at which students, educators, parents, and businesses can learn more about the region’s trending career and education pathways.

“We’re excited to participate in this collaborative initiative to strengthen regional and institutional ties as we work together to grow the region’s economy,” said F. Michael Tucker, president of CEG.  “Tech Valley is home to world-class businesses and educational programs and CEG is committed to working with local partners to create a competitive workforce with the skills and education needed for jobs in the global 21st century economy.”


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