Roll 'em: Shopping baskets on wheels at Price Chopper

What do you get when you cross a shopping cart, a shopping basket, and a rolling suitcase? A shopping basket that you can carry or wheel.
This new addition to the Price Chopper that Executive Editor Barbara Lombardo found at the Ballston Avenue, Saratoga Springs, store Sunday night.
What do you think, shoppers?
Lombardo's take: Pretty good for a few quick things, with a handle that pulls up like a suitcase's, but not as convenient as the double-decker mini-carts with removal baskets at Fresh Market. Those require no bending to fill the top basket while shopping or to empty it at the register.
Ad Director Barb Fignar says she noticed the wheelie baskets Sunday, too, at the Price Chopper in Wilton, which is undergoing renovations.


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