Saratoga gift shop downsizing, refocusing

A Spa City specialty gift shop is closing, but it's not going far.
Hamada, in Saratoga Spring's Downstreet Marketplace on Broadway, is downsizing from two rental spaces in the mall to just one.

The store will now only be in the small left hand side storefront, leaving the larger one where it's done business for nine years.

The focus of the business will now be handmade soaps and Egyptian linens, as owner Mohamed Amin has made the decision to do away with much of the miscellaneous knickknack type items.

Hamada will now strictly sell McGillycuddys natural soaps, made in Sharon Springs, a small selection of jewelry, and a variety of Egyptian cotton linens, including tablecloths, sheets and tapestries.

Amin said he is traveling to Egypt next month to expand his inventory.

-Lauren Halligan


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