A donut-lovers' delight to open soon on Broadway in Troy

A new local donut shop is close to opening its doors in the Collar City.

Nibble Inc. is the donut shop to open in the former location of Francesca’s, 461 Broadway in downtown Troy.   

Co-owners Jessie Cramer and Michael Cunningham, of Troy, are shooting to start doing business by the end of September. Both used to worked at Finnbar’s Pub just across the street. Cunningham was executive chef, and Cramer was the baker.
Cramer formerly had a catering business for her sweets, but “I didn't want to have a storefront until I had a product that I knew people would come in for everyday,” she said.

This summer, while vacationing in Maine, she found that golden product.

What sparked Cramer’s entrepreneurial spirit was a shop called The Holy Donut in Portland. It wasn’t any ordinary donuts that caught her attention - these baked goods are made with potatoes. Though even she was turned off at the idea at first, “It actually makes the donuts very moist and fluffy,” Cramer said.

Nibble Inc. will serve donuts, coffee and donut-based breakfast sandwiches, such as an egg sandwich on donut bread and empanada-style creation. “Everything is going to be based on the donut,” Cunningham said.
The bulk of the menu, however, is donuts. Nibble Inc. will have 12 to 15 donuts on the menu at a time, including a seasonal flavor. The first seasonal flavor is pumpkin. There will be sweet, savory, signature and gluten free donuts offered.
The most unique is the cocktail donut list. “It’s a donut based on a cocktail recipe, Cunningham explained. He has spent some time working behind the bar, and in this new donut field, he’d like to carry some of his skills over. Cocktail donuts will be prepared to order, just like a drink. Cunningham has been experimenting with Old Fashioned, Upstate Sour, and margarita donuts.
Nibble Inc. donuts are meant to please both the mouth and the eyes. Coming from his culinary background, “We wanted to make our donuts as visually appealing as they are tasty,” Cunningham said.  
And Nibble Inc. appeals to the even the tightest of budgets, too. Everything on the menu is between $1 and $5.

Part of Nibble Inc.’s business plan is to partner with as many other local businesses as possible. The eatery will serve coffee from The Daily Grind, juice from Collar City hard Pressed, and use a special lemon ingredient from Sweet Sue’s. “We want to feed into the whole neighborhood vibe,” Cramer said.
At their own prime Troy location, with the help of Cramer’s father’s construction business, Nibble Inc. has totally remodeled the old cafe space, opening up a larger dining area and giving it a fresh look. About 30 can be seated inside, and patio seating will also be available. The space has an “old port town” theme, as Cramer described it.
Cunningham and Cramer will be the only two employees to start, but in time they hope to hire more.
Though it’s been a lot of work, Cramer said it seems like fate is on her side in opening this business. “Everything has just fallen into place, which just make me feel like its meant to be,” she said.  
Hours will be 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday, or until the shop sells out, and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.  
For more information visit nibbleinc.com,  like Nibble Inc. on Facebook or follow @NibbleInc on Twitter.

-Lauren Halligan


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