Bill Donovan acquires full ownership of Maestro’s

Maestro's at the Van Dam 

Maestro’s at the Van Dam, one of the premier dining destinations on Broadway in downtown, will be undergoing some changes in the coming months. Executive Chef John LaPosta and his life partner, Tina Krueger, have decided to pursue new challenges, and their business partner, Bill Donovan, has acquired full ownership interest in the restaurant.

LaPosta will remain through September to ensure a smooth transition and to meet guest expectations during the upcoming race season. Donovan is currently conducting a nationwide search for a new executive chef, one who will continue the cutting-edge American bistro style menu that has contributed to the popularity of the restaurant. 

Donovan said, “I do not anticipate any significant changes to the menu or dining experience. I believe a restaurant is like an orchestra: It needs a conductor, a maestro, if you will, to lead its members in producing a satisfying and pleasurable experience for its patrons. When John LaPosta passes the baton to a new maestro, I expect our entire staff will continue to orchestrate the best dining experience in Saratoga Springs without missing a beat.”



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