Saratoga Frameworks, formerly Serotta, begins operations in Saratoga Springs


Formerly called Serotta, Saratoga Frameworks, a new name for the team of American craftsmen who have a decades-long heritage of building high-quality, high-performance bicycle frames, is now operating the factory in Saratoga Springs.

Relying on the same craftsmen who made Serotta the industry benchmark for build and finish quality, Saratoga Frameworks is returning to the factory’s roots of building frames for other brands. 

In addition to hand-building Saratoga Frameworks frames, the company will make bicycle frames for several brands across multiple distribution channels. It will build high-end private-label custom and stock frames for independent bike dealers and fit studios, offering them the opportunity to build their own brands, provide exceptional value for their customers and enhance their profitability. The company will also offer repair and refinishing services for all high-end bicycle brands.  

Saratoga Frameworks is building titanium road-bike frames for a leading global brand and is prototyping a mixed-material gravel road-bike model that will debut at the Interbike trade show as part of the relaunch of an iconic American brand. Furthermore, the company is considering contracts to build steel and titanium frames for several other brands. Over the years, Serotta frequently built bikes for other brands, notably the Team 7-Eleven bikes raced under the Huffy and Murray labels in the 1980s.

“Our commitment to excellence is being refocused to create a sustainable business,” said Patrick O’Farrell, the company’s director of operations. “This foundation--with volumes significantly higher than what the factory has experienced in recent years--will support the ongoing development of Saratoga Frameworks’ American-made high-performance bicycles.”

O’Farrell brings 23 years of experience making bicycles in the facility for Serotta and other brands, including managing all aspects of the manufacturing process. He is joined by another Serotta veteran, Scott Hock, an accomplished racer who has been working at the facility for 8 years.  As director of product design, Hock leads Saratoga Frameworks’ custom frame and product development efforts. 

Significantly, the contract frame-building work will return business to the United States from Asia, creating American jobs in the process. Saratoga Frameworks employs 12 people and will boost employment as production volume grows. 

Separately, Saratoga Frameworks has reached an agreement with the Divine Cycling Group (DCG), which owns the Serotta brand, to produce Serotta-branded bicycles through the end of 2013. DCG and Saratoga Frameworks have agreed to a favorable manufacturing relationship should DCG wish to continue to make Serotta bicycles in the Saratoga facility. DCG is planning the future of the Serotta brand and anticipates making an announcement in this regard toward the end of 2013.

For more information on Saratoga Frameworks, see www.saratogaframeworks.com.



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