Plum Dandy offers delicious cookies and milk at its new shop

plum dandy cookies and milk 

Sept. 6, Plum Dandy, the frozen-yogurt shop on Broadway, will open its store at 33 Railroad Pl.: Plum Dandy Cookies and Milk. The new place offers a variety of 4.5-ounce cookies. That’s as big as a salad plate, and they’re thick, too. I sampled the chocolate chip treat at a private pre-opening cookie party the business held Tuesday night. The cookies are fabulous, and I did not need any supplementary dinner whatsoever. Only that dessert!

The cookie store uses local meadow butter made from grass-fed cows, bittersweet chocolate chips, pure vanilla instead of imitation extract and pink Himalayan sea salt. All baked goods are made daily from scratch in the shop’s bakery.

Cookies include the Cherry Chipper, created of chocolate chip cookie dough, tart cherries and hand-chiseled dark chocolate chunks. The Kettle Belle features chocolate chip cookie dough, English toffee bits and sweet Broadway kettle corn. And the Gooey Louie has a chocolate cookie base with Belgian cocoa, chocolate chips, a caramel chocolate truffle center and pink sea salt. These are creative people.

The people in question are the Levitas family, which opened the yogurt shop at 419 Broadway four years ago and is full of enthusiasm about this second venture.

“Creativity and whimsy are part of the Plum Dandy way,” the owners wrote on their website. “All of our cookies are given the Dandy treatment, ensuring our guests discover something special in every bite. Chocolate chunk cookies are good, for example, but chocolate chunk cookies with chewy tart cherries are better.”

Also available at Cookies and Milk are miniature cookies such as biscotti and sugar daisies, along with brownies, frozen-yogurt cookie sandwiches and homemade spreads such as fruit preserves and Dandy Nutella, made onsite with real ground hazelnuts.

Battenkill Creamery milk comes in regular, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, marshmallow and brown sugar cinnamon. There are also warm milk beverages, coffee drinks, teas and hot apple cider.

The possible combinations of cookies and milk are endless, and could keep both children and adults busy for many snack times to come.

The store, painted dark brown, teal and cream with a theme from late 1800s Paris, was designed by graphic artist Ashley D’Agostino, and is bright and welcoming. Four computer tablets are ready for use on a central island. Parties can be held in the shop; various themes will be available, as will a miniature photo booth. Plum Dandy Cookies and Milk will also cater and deliver.



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