Alexis Aida Boutique open on Broadway


Alexis Aida at 437 Broadway is now open, offering fashion-forward clothing and accessories for the style-conscious woman. Describing her shop as an ever-expanding company, CEO and founder Alexis Gabriel, 24, wants to pave the way for future trends from New York City and Los Angeles.

“Our clothes are classic modern, so they are traditional garments with a twist,” Gabriel said. “They’re geared towards women in their teens to their ’50s—younger women who dress older and older women who dress younger.”

Customers at the boutique can create an ensemble for any occasion from head to toe. Gabriel offers dresses, skirts, pants, tops, hats and accessories. Their style varies from a dress printed in a stained-glass pattern to an ivory crocheted flapper dress with fringe. On her Facebook site, she shows the right accessories for each photographed outfit.

Many of the pictured clothes are modeled by Gabriel herself, a graduate of the State University of New York at Oneonta who majored in fashion design, and minored in merchandising and marketing. She says she walked the runway for college shows a few times, but has no particular modeling training. Between her natural talent for posing and the photographic work of her brother, Richard A. Gabriel, who takes the pictures, she has created a professional and very individual look for her company.

Besides the photographs, other art in the boutique comes courtesy of Richard J. Gabriel, her father, who has exhibited at the racetrack for 30 years. His oil paintings of Thoroughbreds and historic Saratoga Springs hang in his gallery, part of the Alexis Aida shop. Gabriel said her family is a great support to her business. Her father has shared his track booth with her since 2011, when she started the company, and she has sold hats and accessories there.

Now she has her own shop.

“In the future, I’d like all the clothes in the store to be mine,” she said. “I want to design.”

Follow Alexis Aida Boutique on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest fashions, or call 788-8545.



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