Fogg's Automotive celebrates one year of solar panels

Fogg's Automotive in Glenville might just be the greenest auto shop around. The 57-year-old family business is celebrating its one-year anniversary of having solar panels create part of the facility’s electricity. These panels produced more than 58,000 kilowatt-hours in 2012, in effect reducing the facility’s carbon footprint by more than 82,000 pounds.

Run by John Fogg; his wife, Barbara; and his brother, Chuck, Fogg’s Automotive also utilizes used motor oil to heat the entire facility, eliminating its dependence on natural gas. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are used throughout the building, while timers and motion sensors automatically turn off lights not being used. The restroom fixtures are designed to eliminate or reduce water consumption.

“The Foggs are very environmentally conscious,” said Justin Roberts, their business development manager. “This second generation has an ongoing green list of projects that have been implemented over time.” 

Making the facility’s boiler more energy-friendly took several years, due to plumbing issues, Roberts said as he named some of the projects. Fogg’s Automotive uses water-based car paints and is looking into utilizing light-emitting diodes instead of the compact fluorescents.    

“We also have biodegradable automotive oil,” he said. “It’s vegetable-based. People can sometimes be skeptical, but it really does biodegrade. It’s used the same as regular oil, and it’s safe.”              
Established in 1955 in Scotia, Fogg’s Automotive provides customers with vehicle repair and maintenance, and is still family-owned and -operated. Since its establishment, Fogg’s Automotive has continued to grow, expanding its services to include: vehicle sales, 24-hour towing, full-service collision repair, parts and accessories, and Fleet sales and service. For more information, visit www.foggsauto.com.



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