Childhood friends open Izumi Sushi restaurant

Larry Zhao and Leo Yan have 25 years of restaurant experience between them, so when they bought the retired Jeff Chen’s Pacific Grill, they knew how to create a dining experience worthy of Saratoga.

“Japanese meals are made from fresh, healthy ingredients,” Zhao said. “So we serve light, delicious food.”

The Izumi Sushi Asian Bistro and Lounge has a quadruple-fold menu filled back and front with offerings, among them sushi, sashimi, hibachi dinners, and Japanese entrees. There is even a page for lunch entrees such as the shrimp teriyaki bento lunch special.

The Japanese entrees are served tempura- or teriyaki-style. The sushi entrees include sushi for two: a combination of 16 pieces of sushi, a dragon roll, and a rainbow roll. The dragon roll consists of eel, cucumber, avocado, and caviar. The rainbow roll comprises crabmeat, cucumber, avocado, tuna, salmon, and white fish.

“We’ve built a larger, more professional sushi bar here,” Zhao said. “Saratogians know about fish; they have high standards. So for us, the most important thing is also to know our fish. We examine all our food purchases carefully and return any fish that isn’t fresh. We want to make sure everyone is satisfied with each meal.”

Izumi can prepare meals free of gluten, peanuts, and soy.

In case their customers cannot live by fish alone, Zhao and Yan have created a sake bar in their lounge.

“We offer more than 15 kinds of sake from $6 to $100 a bottle,” Zhao said. “You can have sake that is dry, sweet, salty, or creamy. We also offer Asian beer.”



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