Saratoga's Pink Raven Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery comes home to roost

The third time was definitely the charm when the Pink Raven Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery found space at 55 Beekman Street in Saratoga Springs. Owners and spouses Chris DiBiase and Doug Gruse opened their doors Friday, receiving everyone who entered, from nervous tattoo neophytes to avid art lovers.

“This is where we needed to be and wanted to be,” said Gruse, who is features editor at the Glens Falls Post-Star and manager of the Pink Raven. DiBiase is the tattoo artist, working solo thus far.

DiBiase and Gruse traveled a long road to get to their opening. They twice encountered leasing issues in Glens Falls, where potential landlords faced objections from their other tenants. The idea of sharing building space with a tattoo parlor upset the established businesses. Landlords either backed out of the potential leases or set up so many restrictions that DiBiase and Gruse would not have been able to do business.

“One restriction was that we couldn’t be open at night,” Gruse said. “There were no such stipulations for the other businesses.”

The owners also wouldn’t have been able to use the words “tattoo” or “body art” on any building signage.

Their Saratoga lease placed no such restrictions on them, and they are now open for business.

Through their Charitable Caws (a play on the “Raven”), the owners will assist local nonprofits such as this month’s Saratoga Arts. Pink Raven will donate 10 percent of a tattoo to the cause of the month, its way to give back.

Art lovers note: The Pink Raven Gallery is featuring MASKerade, with the work of Chuck Brouillette. The show will be on display through October, with a special grand opening and artist reception Sat., Sept., 29, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.



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