Pink Raven Tattoos, catering to women, to open in Saratoga, not Glens Falls

A new tattoo parlor will be making its way into Saratoga Springs, at 55 Beekman Street. The new shop, Pink Raven Tattoos, is set to open the first week of September, courtesy of local tattoo artist Chris DiBiase and his husband, Doug Gruse.

The parlor will be geared mostly towards women although all genders are welcome.

The location for the shop was up in the air for a time, finally landing in Saratoga Springs after getting less than a warm reception in nearby Glen Falls.

In a Post Star column by Will Doolittle, the trials of finding a building to house a tattoo shop are recounted. Click here to read Doolittle's column (warning: it's behind a paywall)

DiBiase and Gruse were on the brink of signing a lease with Christina Kaidas, whose family owns the Ridge Street building that houses a gift shop, Sterling & Co. and clothing boutique, Minky Mink. Kaidas backed out of the agreement, citing the concerns of her family and the owner of Minky Mink, Shonna McTiernan.

After being turned away from the Ridge Street building, DiBiase and Gruse tried their luck at the Shirt Factory building on Lawrence Street--- and almost won. The couple was one day away from signing the lease when certain provisions were suddenly added to the lease. Two of those provisions were no signs outside the building that used the words “tattoo” or “body art” and no tattooing between the hours of 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. For DiBiase and Gruse, these provisions were understandably deal-breakers.

After the hassle with Glen Falls, Pink Raven Tattoos have found a place to land in Saratoga Springs. I hope their new shop is greeted with the kindness and open-mindedness our neighbors in Glen Falls lack. 

-- Caitlin Morris

Kudos to blogger Citizen Nancy for having the first report of this new tattoo parlor. 


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