Grand Illusion salon and Smoke & Fire moving (updated July 12)

(UPDATED at 7 p.m. July 12 with info about Smoke & Fire next door also moving, scroll down to the bottom)

Noticed this on my way home from work yesterday, Grand Illusions hair salon on Caroline Street is planning a move to 81 Railroad Place.

Managed to get my thumb in the frame in this one...

... and caught myself in the reflection in this one. A photographer I am not.
The salon opened at its Caroline Street location in August 2010, just a few months after the Malta location was destroyed by fire. I covered that fire back in 2010 and I remember distinctly how shocked I was that the salon's owner, Carol Levine, was not only willing to talk to me while standing in front of her still-smoldering business, but was actually pretty optimistic.
β€œAt least no one was hurt; everything else was just material stuff," Levine told me at the time.
For a few months after that fire, Levine worked out of a different Malta salon β€” Innovation - A Salon β€” whose owner, Maggie Caruso, offered her temporary space to work after hearing about the fire. 

Grand Illusions was closed today, a sign on the door said there was a family emergency, but I hope to get in touch with Levine asap for more info on her latest move.

-- Emily

UPDATE: Much thanks to the anonymous commenter who pointed out that Smoke & Fire, located right next door to Grand Illusions, is also moving. According to Smoke & Fire's facebook page, they'll be closed July 30 and 31 while they move to Broadway. Here's more info from their facebook:

I believe the 489 Broadway space they're moving into is the former home of True Tattoo, which moved to Church Street.

Now I've got to figure out what's going on in those adjacent Caroline Street buildings...

-- Emily


Anonymous Anonymous said...

smoke & fire next door is also moving.

Thursday, July 12, 2012 2:38:00 PM 
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