Dunday's clothing store getting ready to open on Broadway

Joe Gillis is preparing to open his second Dunday's clothing store in the old home of Divinyl Revolution at 431 Broadway. The original Dunday's is in Gloversville.
I talked to Gillis’ girlfriend, Deborah Ashe, who said the clothing store will aim to appeal to men and women over 30 years old with a variety of brands including Aventura Clothing. They'll also have accessories, scarves, and handbags for sale which may appeal to a younger crowd.
Dunday's plans to open for business before the influx of racetrack goers arrive in the Spa City.  Gillis and Ashe have refinished the store's wood floors and put in wall fixings and are awaiting their first shipment of clothes. Keep an eye open for the opening of the new clothing store within the next couple weeks.

-- Marcella Jewell


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