Cambridge Hotel to hold celebration before closing

The Cambridge Hotel will have one "last hurrah" before closing its doors for good on Sunday, the hotel's management confirmed on its Facebook page. Sunday, June 17 is the final day of operation, and will have a party beginning at 11 a.m. There will be specials available all day.
"It has been a pleasure getting to know the wonderful people in our community," the message reads. "The relationships that have been bonded and the memories will last forever. Thank you for your business and your understanding in these difficult times."
The hotel, which has experienced financial difficulties over the years, is in foreclosure and is scheduled to be auctioned off at 9:30 a.m. Friday (tomorrow) at the Washington County Courthouse in Fort Edward.
Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Co. foreclosed on the property in April. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay filmed a new show there earlier this year, called "Hotel Hell," which has yet to air.

And according to a sign in the window, new Broadway home store Home Essence is slated to open its doors on Monday, June 18. The store is located next to Piper and DiVinyl Revolution's old spot on Broadway.

-- Jamie

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