Twenty 8 Tables reopens tonight after renovations, more changes in store...

After being closed for renovations since Friday, Twenty 8 Tables, 17 Maple Ave., is reopening for dinner at 5 tonight. The owners of Panza’s Restaurant are planning to take over ownership soon. According to office manager Melissa D’Andrea, Panza’s is working in a consulting role with the current owners until they can transfer the liquor license.
D’Andrea said Chef John Ireland – of Panza’s and formerly The Wine Bar – will be working in the kitchen at Twenty 8 Tables. The menu will be different than the former Twenty 8 Tables menu and will include a few favorites from the Panza’s menu. (She noted 28tables.com still has the old menu, so disregard that.)
She said The Metro — located downstairs from the restaurant — will also reopen tonight at 6 after also undergoing some renovations. The New York Players are scheduled to perform there beginning at 8 p.m. Friday.
D’Andrea said Panza’s management plans to change the name of the restaurant once the ownership is completely transferred – hopefully in a couple weeks. Until then, the new name is top secret.

— By Betsy DeMars


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