New B'Spa store to open June 1, Saratoga Springs gym on West Ave.

Leta Betor and Susan Stanley, both of Saratoga Springs, are opening a new store called The Gift Box June 1 at 215 Milton Ave.
The store, which Betor compared to an emporium because of the variety of goods they'll sell, including collectibles and newer items. There will be everything from furniture to bird houses, china and chandeliers, which the two have sourced from different collectors.
Neither of the two women have operated a store like this before, and began actively collecting materials for the past six months. The store will be open year-round and into the evening.
"In Ballston Spa, things tend to close early, and it seems like you can't get anything after 4 or 5 p.m.," Betor said. "We'll open later in the day and stay open later at night too."

There's also a new place to work out on West Avenue in Saratoga Springs. Saratoga Core Fitness now has a location at 68 West Ave. The gym's motto is "everyone is an athlete." There are packages for different classes, single classes and physical training sessions are $45 per hour.
Victoria Nye Cordi, an Albany native and fitness trainer, recently opened the facility, which basic training, something called "Mommy and Baby Restore the Core," a workout for a mother and her small child and Piloxing, a mixture of Pilates and boxing.


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