New tattoo parlor to emphasize art with local gallery

A new tattoo parlor, Pink Raven Tattoos, is set to open its doors at 55 Beekman Street in the heart of Saratoga Springs, on September 6th.

Owners Chris DiBase and Doug Gruse settled on the location after being turned away from their planned locale of Glen Falls.

DiBase will be the onsite tattoo artist, with the help and support of his husband Gruse.

The shop will also house a gallery space for artists, and they plan to have monthly shows highlighting the art.

“Our concept is to create an inviting space with an emphasis on art.” Gruse writes me in an email, “We don’t want to be the bad boys of tattoos. We plan to welcome a diverse range of clients, including women and the LGBT community.”

DiBase and Gruse are certainly doing local artists in the area a favor by not charging hanging fees or taking commissions from sales. By not relying on the sales from the art, the owners hope to make the gallery a place where artists feel free to push their boundaries.

Another gratifying aspect of their business model is “Charitable Caws,” a program where they will partner with local nonprofits for a month. Any customer who mentions an affiliation with that month’s charity will have ten percent of their spending’s donated back to the charity. Saratoga Arts is their first partnership.

For more information, check out Pink Raven Tattoos on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pinkraventattoos

-- Caitlin Morris 


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