Virgil's for rent

Well it appears the rumor is true: Virgil's Coffee House is for rent.
I found several listings online, one with Realty USA, another on a website called LoopNet and a third on a website called Move That Block, offering the space for lease.
According to Move That Block, the 13,000-square-foot space is being offered for $2,625/month. Virgil's is located at 86 Henry St.
I put a call in to the Virgil's owner Kathleen Quartararo (that may be horribly misspelled, the person I talked to on the phone wasn't sure), but she is not at Virgil's today so I don't expect to hear from her until Friday.
I also called the listing agent, John MacAffer of CB Richard Ellis, and left a message with him.
As soon as I get a call back from either, I'll update this post.

No info on Virgil's facebook page. Bloggers Saratoga Idiots  received an email tip about the business being rented, which tipped me off (thanks guys!)

What a shame if Virgil's really is closing, they've been around for a while and offer a unique experience. They're also such a friend to local groups/clubs who use their space for meetings. Hopefully Virgil's is relocating, not closing.

-- Emily

p.s. Sorry  for neglecting the blog this week, I've been filling in for Assistant Managing Editor Betsy DeMars while she's on vacation and I've had to prioritize that over filling in for our still-not-hired-yet business reporter (for the love of God, send resumes to blomardo@saratogian.com!). Oh yeah, I'm still the online editor, too... and believe me, keeping the website commenters in line is no easy task.


Blogger Suzanna K. Lourie said...

WHAT!! How is my seat not taken yet!? (I'm secretly glad...) I bet MC sniped it. Is this the Saratogian's way of saying they want to hire me back as a professional in-the-biz blogger? Lucian wouldn't stand a chance...

Friday, February 24, 2012 3:56:00 PM 

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