Saratoga Idiots break local biz news wide open

***UPDATED WITH AN ENHANCED WARNING: The blog I link to in this post contains colorful language including, but not limited to, profanity. If you think you might find that offensive, I suggest you don't click on the links. Now back to our regularly-scheduled blogging...

If you're not reading the Saratoga Idiots blog yet, you're an idiot.

They're funny (ok sometimes raunchy, that was your warning, don't yell at me if your delicate sensibilities are offended) (delicate sensibilities? i think I've been watching a little too much Downtown Abbey). But, more important, they're on top of every downtown biz rumor and, more often than not, they're right (see: beer garden, sangwych, healthy living market... and that's just off the top of my head).

I'm not ashamed to admit that the Idiots sometimes beat us at stories and often tip us off to stories. Cut me some slack, though, I'm not even the business reporter (We're hiring! Send resumes to blombardo@journalregister.com) and I've got a website full of story commenters to deal with every day, no easy task. Oh and I've got other news to contend with, which just keeps breaking, even when I say 'uncle.'

Back to the Idiots, today they tracked down the truth behind rampant rumors that Virgil's House of Coffee was getting ready to close. It turns out the Henry Street cafe is here to stay but they've rescinded their draconian rule against cellphones, computers, robots and other 21st century accoutrement. Good news for those of us who are permanently attached to our blackberries.

Also, I just learned per Virgil's twitter account that they got an ATM machine last week, you go Virgil's! Next thing you know a robot will be serving you your morning coffee. 



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