The location soon-to-be-known-as Boca Bistro officially sold

Just saw this deed on the Saratoga County Clerk's website: Anthony and Janet Calvi sold property at 384-386 Broadway to DZ Restaurants Inc. for $1,850,000.
We knew that sale was imminent, Calvi closed both the businesses that were housed in that space — his own Pizza on Broadway as well as Raina's — in early January.
Dave Zecchini, owner of DZ Restaurants, confirmed plans to open Boca Bistro — a Mediterranean bistro and tapas bar — a few weeks ago.

So what do you think of that number, $1.85 million? My first reaction was that it seemed like a lot of money, but maybe I just make so little (are you reading this, boss?) that my perception is skewed...



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